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Do you feel fortunate? Get your Okexi Fortunate today!

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  • Case Diameter : 44 mm
  • Case Thickness : 12 mm
  • Strap Width : 22 mm
  • Case Material : 316L Stainless steel
  • Case Back Material : 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Color : Gold
  • Crown : Gold
  • Face Material : High Quality Mineral Crystal
  • Movement : Japan SEIKO VD53 Chronograph Movement
  • Functions: Multifunctions
  • Water Resistant : 5ATM / 50 Meters
  • Battery : 3-4 years
  • Weight : 135 G
  • Strap : Mesh Bracelet
  • Strap Color : Black
  • Watch Box Material : PU Leather   


55 reviews for Fortunate

  1. Isabella

    Great company with good communication. will definitely be buying from them in the future

  2. Emma Jones

    your watches are gorgeous love this kind style

  3. Rat Nipapon


  4. แก้วว


  5. Jaew Pradit-ngan


  6. จุ๊จุ๊ ผ้าปู

    ซื้อ มาแล้วค่ะสวยมากชอบๆ

  7. Joe D

    I’m amazed by the quality of the watch. Thank you!

  8. Daniel

    This one is my favorite watch… Just stunning timepiece.

  9. Bong Heng

    My watch has arrived now, I am very pleased with the quality of the watch and very fast delivery.

  10. Piyawan Phummaphuti


  11. Tong Praphotpong


  12. Prawina Chaiyasean


  13. Aum Kantisak


  14. Emily Kateson

    Wow i like this watch so much, I need to buy it now.

  15. ศิริชัย คําแสนเดช


  16. Irene W

    ลองซื้อมาใส่แล้ว ประทับใจค่ะ พนักงานบริการดีอีกด้วย

  17. Werapon

    ชอบตอบไวมากกกก สนใจลูกค้าดีเลิศ จนเราพิมม่ทันเลย

  18. Olivia Kiwanuka

    Stunning timepiece with great movement. 5 stars!!

  19. Ashika Jakamoto

    The mesh straps feels very good on the wrist and the watch it self is just stunning. Super happy with my Okexi timepiece.

  20. Freddy Olvera

    Cool watch, Look so nice and stylish!

  21. Amélie Klinge

    Great design but the quality is not the best. so only 2 stars from me.

  22. Ted Fischhof

    Awesome customer service and veey fast delivery took only few days to get my Fortunate serie watch.

  23. Kai M.

    I bought this watch last week and i just got it, and all i can say is that im not regret it :)) Amazing timepiece with nice design!

  24. ภาวินี นิชพันธ์

    ได้รับสินค้าเร็วมากค่ะ สั่งของมื้อวานได้วันนี้ ปลื้มมากค่ะ?

  25. Izabel Oliveira

    I really like this watch, The mesh straps is very comfortble and looks pretty good with watch. Love it!

  26. นันทิญา บุญนาค


  27. Brooke Irving

    Very good customer service, They explained everything very good how the watch works. Love my Fortunate series.

  28. Kaj Marvin

    I expected a better watch for this price but good customer service tho.

  29. Liza Scott

    This watch is so incredibly beautiful and very good quality. I love the mesh straps. You can really feel that is a high quality watch.

  30. Wanchai

    ส่งไวมากครับ ถูกจัย

  31. Sergio Arteta

    vesy fast shipping took only few days to receive it. Good quality watch. I give five stars.

  32. Yodsapat Wongyodsapon

    บริการดีครับ ประทับใจ

  33. Unitmost Nanthasan

    บริการดี ส่งไว ได้จริง ไม่ผิดหวัง มีโอกาสจะกลับมาอุดหนุนอีกครับ

  34. สุรเดช ว่องไว

    สวยงามครับ บริการดี ส่งไวตรวจสอบสินค้าได้

  35. Tony Bustos

    This is a fabulous watch, works well, looks great!I highly recommend.

  36. Julien Guirado

    Elegant. Stylish piece. The black goes with anything. And the gold makes it that much sweeter.

  37. Steven Craigan

    Great watch, always receive compliments. Highly recommend.

  38. ชานนท์ สมบูรณ์ผล

    ให้คำปรึกษาดี สวยถูกใจมากครับ

  39. Nancy Cavinton

    My son loved this watch,so did I excellent quality and beautiful style and nice customer service.

  40. Lukaz Kowal

    Very cool and sophisticated watch. Love it!!

  41. Stan L

    Good timepiece but very simple for my taste.

  42. Saratut Premchat

    นาฬิกาดี สวย ส่งเร็วถึงไว ไม่ผิดหวังจริงๆครับ..Okexiดีจริงๆ?เยี่ยม?

  43. Mackhan Phasuntaratan

    แนะนำดี บริการดี ตรงไปตรงมา
    สินค้าแพคมาได้ปลอดภัย ชอบครับ

  44. Joshua Adamas

    Awesome watch. Looks great and is very comfortable.

  45. Matthew Ward

    I have received my watch now and I have to say that I am very pleased with the quality of the watch and very good quality mesh bracelet. I will for sure commend Okexi to my friends

  46. Samaiporn Sookkhum

    ได้นาฬิกาแล้วนะคะ ชอบมากเลยค่ะไม่ผิดหวังเลยโอกาศหน้าจะอุดหนุนใหม่อีกเรือนนะคะ

  47. Aron Chan

    I was skeptic all of the build quality. But once it arrived, the watch is so beautiful and well built. I’m super impressed.

  48. ยุทธพิชัย เครือบุดดี

    สินค้าส่งเร็ว เพจตอบกลับเร็ว
    สวย เชื่อถือได้ครับ

  49. Matt Torn

    I have to say that I am really impressed by the quality of the watch. Good price and fast delivery.

  50. Derek Kennedy

    The black and the gold matches perfectly together. Even tho it is a little bit bigger, it is very comfortable to wear and the quality is insanely well.

  51. Emanuel Namler

    Looks good and feels great(light). Have a TAG watch that I never have received a compliment for(despite being far more expensive), but this watch gets noticed all the time.

  52. Tick Pattana

    นาฬิกาสวย คุณภาพดีค่ะ

  53. Janice M

    Well worth the money….Great disgn and quality. And great support too.

  54. Nicholas D

    My watch was 3 days late but otherwise I’m super happy with the watch. Good quality and good price. I give 4 stars!

  55. Adrian Medina

    Great purchase! Love the look and it is not too heavy. Great customer service.

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